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3 Industries Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Right Now

Two of my long-term goals as an investor are to always imagine the world ahead, and to learn something in the process. Large-scale changes and cultural shifts can’t always be anticipated, but there are many industries that are exciting, profitable, and making a difference in our future. Here’s a look at several traditional and non-traditional fields where [...]

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Three Things About an Active Management Plan (Passive Vs. Active Investments, Part 2)

Read part 1 of Passive Vs. Active Investments in Frontier Markets here.  So, you’re ready to be the hero, to discover that final frontier or stake your claim in the unknown territories of the wild west. Slow down, cowboy — as my book Frontier Investor: How to Prosper in the Next Emerging Markets explains, there [...]

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4 Common Myths About Frontier Markets

The frontier is a concept laden with symbolism, especially here in America. The romantic notion we have of an unspoiled land, a place fraught with great danger and great opportunity, has captivated minds since they’ve existed. The potential for huge growth grabs our interest, while the many unknowns ought to scare away those with weaker [...]

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Insects: The Next BIG Investment

Insects are going to be BIG. And a new article, "Eating insects could save the planet," on Axios.com echoes this point, which we at Volta Global have known. The article states, "If half the meat eaten worldwide was replaced by insects (think: crickets and mealworms), greenhouse gas emissions would be significantly reduced and farmland use would [...]

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Company Profile: FHOOSH

As I wrote about previously, investing in cyber security companies is a smart move for savvy investors. Hacking is a real threat to companies, having cost businesses and consumers between $375 to $575 billion in 2014 alone—this alone is proof that better security is desperately needed, deserving of funding, and a great opportunity for investors [...]

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CNN Says China’s First Large Jetliner is “a key moment in the country’s push to challenge the U.S.” as a global manufacturer

A recent article on CNN.com reports "China's first large jetliner has successfully completed its maiden flight." This is huge news. The fact that China will produce large passenger aircrafts proves that it can compete at all levels with the best the West has to offer. Says CNN: "...the milestone marks another key achievement for China [...]

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Marko Dimitrijevic Published in The Hedge Fund Law Report

Last week, Marko Dimitrijevic and Timothy Mistele, coauthors of Frontier Investor: How to Prosper in the Next Emerging Markets, have teamed up again to write about frontier markets.  Dimitrijevic and Mistele are chairman and senior advisor, respectively, at Volta Global. Their most recent article appeared in The Hedge Fund Law Report, a publication on hedge fund law [...]

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