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The “Going Out” Movement Among Chinese Startups

A recent SCMP.com article highlights an interesting new trend to follow closely: Chinese start ups are investing abroad. This is a logical progression in China’s economic ascent. First China was a low cost manufacturing hub often copying Western products. Then China moved up the value chain domestically and started buying foreign assets. These first foreign investments [...]

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Marko Dimitrijevic’s Volta Global Invests in Beauty Startup

In what MarketWatch calls "Volta Global's expanding e-commerce portfolio of innovative, direct-to-consumer digital brands," it was announced on April 7, 2017 that Volta Global, led by Marko Dimitrijevic, had made an investment in Context, a direct-to-consumer beauty startup. About the investment, Marko says: "Volta Global is proud to be providing growth capital and excited to be a part [...]

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Why Investors Should Pay Attention to Cyber-Security

A Growing Problem and Fast-Changing Technology Landscape Equals Opportunity for Savvy VCs A research study published in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems in 2016 found that, despite the real threats to businesses posed by cyber-security issues, people didn’t show a physical fear response to the proposed threats. Which explains why so many [...]

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Three Sets of Risks that All Frontier Investors Should Assess, and Re-assess

Frontier markets have great potential, but come with a unique set of risks. It should be abundantly clear that I believe frontier markets, if governed properly, will become emerging markets and, eventually, developed markets. This 2016 article in Forbes makes the case that frontier markets offer undiscovered gems to investors, as long as you are [...]

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The Rise of Mobile Tech in Frontier Markets

These days, operating mobile technology has become second nature: almost as natural drinking, eating, or breathing. That’s a hyperbole, of course, but the point still stands: mobile phones and digital apps are extraordinarily common all over the world, not at all limited to developed markets.  In fact, there may be more opportunity for mobile technology [...]

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The Growing Promise of Emerging & Frontier Markets: Investors, Take Heed

Emerging markets is a buzzword that’s well-known in investment circles, but lesser known–to casual investors, especially–are frontier markets. However, as I argue in my book Frontier Investor: How to Prosper in the Next Emerging Markets, frontier markets are the new emerging markets, and many emerging markets are now closer to developed markets. Only a balance [...]

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PR Newswire Features Volta Global & Cyber Security Company FHOOSH

The cutting-edge cyber security company FHOOSH recently secured $2 million in capital from Volta Global, as reported by PR Newswire in December, 2016. FHOOSH is the first company to pair high-speed data transmission with ultra-secure cyber security technology to help corporations, institutions, and government protect and power digital information. The unique software protects stored data [...]

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Marko Dimitrijevic Featured in “Pakistan Beats India” Forbes article

In a recent interview with Forbes writer Panos Mourdoukoutas, weighs in on the post-9/11 repercussions of U.S. and Pakistan relations, as follows: “A unilateral default seemed almost inevitable,” writes Marko Dimitrijevic in Frontier Investor (New York: Columbia Business School, 2017). “However, the United States’ post-9/11 collaboration with the Musharraf government to fight terrorism provided an [...]

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Shake-A-Leg Miami and Volta Global Featured on ‘The Street’

Shake-A-Leg Miami, a nonprofit that uses the marine environment to enhance the health and education of disadvantaged and disabled youth, has partnered with Volta Global to launch Sea Worthy, "a new program designed to assist young adults with autism and other disabilities to develop skills that will enable them to become independent on the water [...]

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