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The Miami Herald Asks Marko Dimitrijevic About Mobile Tech Investment

A story by the Miami Herald, "Why mobile payment technology is leap-frogging in Latin America," features a Q& A with Marko Dimitrijevic, a recent investor in the mobile payment technology company YellowPepper, and the company's CEO and co-founder Serge Elkiner. The Miami-based company began my tapping into Latin America's mobile banking market, and is now experiencing [...]

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Marko Dimitrijevic Featured on “Five Good Questions”

In the weekly series, Five Good Questions, Jake Taylor asks authors five good questions and publishes the interviews for his growing readership.  Jake's goal is to use new technologies (like the internet) to inspire people to read more books by interviewing authors of books that he has read and enjoyed. The most recent episode features Marko Dimitrijevic and [...]

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“Frontier Investor” by Marko Dimitrijevic Featured on ValueWalk

ValueWalk, a global leader in breaking financial industry news, featured the investment strategy book "Frontier Investor" by Marko Dimitrevic last October, 2016. In the article, author Brenda Jubin promotes "Frontier Investor" as an excellent starting point for investors considering expanding their portfolios on a global level. With "Frontier Investor" sourced, she explains why frontier markets [...]

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Marko Dimitrijevic’s “Frontier Investor” Featured On Forbes

On January 15, 2017, Marko Dimitrijevic's book "Frontier Investor" was featured in the Forbes article "Bangladesh Won't Be the New Pakistan, and That's Okay." According to the article, Bangladesh doesn't have the same equity market potential as Pakistan, but that doesn't mean investors should shy away. On the contrary, the country is "a good bet for [...]

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