Insects are going to be BIG.

And a new article, “Eating insects could save the planet,” on echoes this point, which we at Volta Global have known. The article states, “If half the meat eaten worldwide was replaced by insects (think: crickets and mealworms), greenhouse gas emissions would be significantly reduced and farmland use would be cut by one-third, a new study shows.

The study, performed by the University of Edinburgh, suggests that “replacing half of the animal products, like beef and chicken” with insects “would free up 1680 million hectares of land, which is equivalent to 70 times the size of the UK.”

Volta Global is an investor in VisVires New Protein (VVNP), or New Protein Capital,which is the first institutional investor in Ynsect the European leader in developing insect based animal feed.

On its website, VVNP defines itself as “a venture capital fund that aims to achieve outsize returns from focused investments on disruptive technologies for the food and feed system.”

The applications for Ynsect are many, including animal feed, pet food, nutraceuticals, plant nutrition and more.

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—Marko Dimitrijevic

After accumulating 35 years of entrepreneurial and investing experience, Marko Dimitrijevic founded Volta Global with the goal of building a transformational investment group around a philosophy guided by its permanent capital base, allowing us to remain flexible, open-minded, and long-term oriented. Under Marko’s leadership, Volta Global is comfortable investing across a variety of industries and throughout the entire capital structure of companies.