Who is Marko Dimitrijevic?

Marko Dimitrijevic is the chairman and founder of Volta Global, a real estate development, ownership, and operations firm.

What kind of real estate does Marko Dimitrijevic develop?

Marko has led Volta Global in acquiring and developing over 3 million square feet of self-storage across the Southern and Eastern United States. They also invest in and develop multifamily residential units and hospitality assets in promising markets.

How does Marko Dimitrijevic’s real estate development support communities?

Volta Global works to transform abandoned lots and outdated buildings into useful structures that enhance the look and the vibe of a community. Their real estate endeavors provide jobs and fill service gaps in the community. Their projects generate tax revenue which improves schools and local initiatives.

Where did Marko Dimitrijevic go to school?

Marko graduated from the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and earned an MBA from Stanford University where he was an Arjay Miller scholar.

What languages does Marko Dimitrijevic speak?

Marko Dimitrijevic is fluent in English French, Spanish, Serbian/Croatian, and Portuguese, with proficiency in Italian and German.

What else is Marko Dimitrijevic famous for?

Marko Dimitrijevic is an award winning nature photographer. His book, BIG, created together with photographer, explorer and friend Amos Nachoum, offers a spellbinding visual experience. You can view his photos on his Marko Dimitrijevic Photographer website. He has traveled to the ends of the earth to capture his breathtaking images.