On January 15, 2017, Marko Dimitrijevic’s book “Frontier Investor” was featured in the Forbes article “Bangladesh Won’t Be the New Pakistan, and That’s Okay.”

According to the article, Bangladesh doesn’t have the same equity market potential as Pakistan, but that doesn’t mean investors should shy away. On the contrary, the country is “a good bet for adventurous investors.” While Bangladesh lack’s Pakistan’s geopolitical advantage, opportunities are arising there especially due to its low manufacturing costs.

As Forbes quotes Marko Dimitrijevic: “Foreign direct investment into Bangladesh has picked up in recent years, particularly in the manufacturing sector… As production costs rise in China and India, I believe that Bangladesh, with its young, growing low-cost labor force, is ideally positioned to capture a larger share of the next round of outsourcing.”

For more on this topic, visit the article by Panos Mourdoukoutas on Forbes, or purchase “Frontier Investor” on Amazon.