ValueWalk, a global leader in breaking financial industry news, featured the investment strategy book “Frontier Investor” by Marko Dimitrevic last October, 2016.

In the article, author Brenda Jubin promotes “Frontier Investor” as an excellent starting point for investors considering expanding their portfolios on a global level. With “Frontier Investor” sourced, she explains why frontier markets are good for investors: because they are likely to be the next wave of emerging markets with economies expanding about 50% quicker than developing markets, they have favorable demographics, and may hold many unexpected bargains.

Jubin concludes that “Frontier Investor is a well-researched book, complete with detailed examples. It belongs in the library of every global investor.”

For more information, visit the article on ValueWalk, or purchase Maro Dimitrevic’s “Frontier Investor” on Amazon.